Our history



Ad Fines is a wine estate of 2.8 hectares on the northern slopes of the Luberon Massif, near the village of Ménerbes, created by Michel Rocher in 1994. The history of the place is marked by the passage of the via Domitia, a Roman road restored around 120 BC by the Roman General Cnaeus Domitius and linking the Alps to the Pyrenees.
Ad Fines was the name of the ancient stopover station of the Via Domitia, located near the domain, and which means in Latin "at the borders", thus defining the borders between the tribes of Cavaillon and those of Apt.




The name Ad fines alone sums up the philosophy of Michel Rocher's project, to go "to the frontiers" of quality. This personality from the world of information technology, passionate about great wines, meticulous and rigorous, is embarking on an extraordinary adventure, pushing back the limits of quality, doing everything possible to express the very special terroir of Ad Fines. The objective is to create wines of great aromatic complexity from their youth, developing extra finesse in their maturity and capable of long aging.





Michel Rocher then surrounded himself with the best advisors, including Michel Tardieu for the vinification, maturation and blending and Claude Bourguignon for the vineyard. The first wines are produced from the 2001 vintage.
More than 20 years after the launch of his ambitious project, the wines of the Ad Fines estate are living up to their promise, with great aromatic finesse, depth, density, richness and elegance, long ageing, and a quality comparable to that of the greatest châteaux and estates in France.

Produce great wines for aging, revealing our terroir